Web Simple

We specialise in website content management made simple, monitoring dated information and all kinds of optimisation (including SEO). Ensuring your keyword selection, home page wording, meta tags, etc are all working or you.

Whether your business is small, medium or large, we can maintain your existing content and keep your web prescence pro-active. If you require a new website build, we can handle that too - all in one place (actually in Tasmania, Australia)!

We also cut the jargon, telling you - in your terms, what your website should be doing, and how we can get it there. Helping you understand your website is important, so you can make sure your designer is using all the available tools to help you. We show you how to check up on your site, and give your own tools to critique it.

We have tips online now. Several great reads (written simply) to further your education and experience.


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